Spring Recall Alert

March 20, 2012
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The show must go on--but if your child has a 4-in-1 Dramatic Play Theatre Toys (model G-51062), the production may have to go on the road for now...The side panels are unstable and may cause the set to come crashing down upon the audience, actors or even your little producer! Contact Guidecraft at (888) 824-1308 for a refund or replacement product. 


Cycling weather is finally here, but if you're peddling a Fuji Saratoga Women's Bicycle 2008-10 model, it may be time to put on the brakes! The company is recalling the product due to injury reports across the country, including lacerations requiring stitches, scrapes and bruises caused by a faulty frame that can easily break during the ride. Visit the CPSC site or Fuji Bikes for specific lot information. Or call  (888) 286-6263 toll free during business hours for instructions on returning your bike for a free replacement frame. 

Picture of recalled Munchkin bathbub sub

Heads up on this one, Macaroni families! Just because a product is recalled does not mean every retailer pulls it off the shelf. Oh, sure. They're supposed to. But in the case of several Meijer, Inc. products, for example, many recalled items were taken off the shelves of major retailers only to be sold to discount resale markets. NOT good! From baby slings, to toys, to lamps and more--dozens of unsafe products have been recently sold nationwide at discount chains. PLEASE use this link to check the list, and if you have any of these twice-recalled items, use the links within the link to contact the manufacturers for information on receiving a refund or replacement product. 

Picture of recalled pajamas

If your little guy or gal is sleeping in Papa Bear PJS, it's time for a wake-up call. The CPSC has announced that ALL styles of Papa Bear Loungabouts pajamas, from size 0-14, for boys and girls, are being recalled due to a failure to meet flammability standards. Remove these pjs from your child's closet, and visit the CPSC site for information on contacting the retailer for a refund. 

For more consumer product safety recall information, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission. 

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